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About Us

Introducing Mananasi Fibre Limited - a Kenyan based startup born out of natural fibre research and development conducted by The Chequered Flag Limited. Equipped with bespoke decorticator technology, we're on a mission to tackle industrial pollution caused by the disposal of pineapple plant waste, a significant problem in the pineapple industry.

Each year, tons of pineapple plant waste is left to dry and burned, releasing harmful gases and particulates into the atmosphere. This not only pollutes the air but also poses health risks to nearby communities. Furthermore, this outdated practice depletes the soil of essential nutrients and damages its structure, hampering future pineapple rotations.

But at Mananasi Fibre, we're turning this waste into opportunities. Through innovative technology, we extract high-quality fibers from the discarded leaves, which can be used in textile production. Simultaneously, we transform the remaining plant material into nutrient-rich compost that rejuvenates the soil and supports sustainable agriculture.


Our process starts by carefully selecting the ideal leaves for fiber production and utilizing cutting-edge decortication technology. The fibers are then sun-dried, refined, and packed, ready for export to the textile industry. Meanwhile, the rest of the plant waste undergoes composting, creating a valuable resource and returning vital nutrients to the fields.


By intercepting pineapple waste, we're not only reducing air pollution and its health impacts but also revitalizing the soil and promoting sustainable farming practices. Join us at Mananasi Fibre Limited in embracing a greener future, where waste turns into valuable assets. Together, let's revolutionize the pineapple industry and pave the way for a more sustainable tomorrow.

A short history

Mananasi Fibre Limited has a humble origin rooted in the development of mobile automatic decortication technology for sisal cultivation in Kenya. However, during this process, a fortuitous discovery was made. The technology proved to be remarkably effective in extracting fibers from pineapple plant leaves.

Recognizing the potential of this unexpected breakthrough, Mananasi Fibre Limited was born. Our foundation rests upon the innovative decorticator, featuring an automatic feed mechanism which significantly increases the production rate compared to traditional hand-fed decorticators commonly used in the pineapple fiber industry.

With this game-changing technology as our backbone, we have built a comprehensive waste management model. This model allows us to collect and transform pineapple plant waste into valuable resources, catering to the needs of both the textile industry and agriculture. 


At Mananasi Fibre Limited, we take pride in our journey from a sisal cultivation focus to an enterprise that addresses the waste management challenges in the pineapple industry. We continue to innovate and refine our processes, ensuring that our solutions are sustainable, efficient, and aligned with our core values. Join us as we strive to make a positive impact by turning waste into valuable assets and paving the way

for a more sustainable future.

Meet The Team

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