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At Mananasi Fibre, we are proud to present our cutting-edge decorticator technology, developed in-house to tackle the challenge of pineapple plant waste. Our innovative machinery extracts fibers from the waste, providing a sustainable solution for textile production and sustainable agriculture.


We have designed and built an advanced decorticator that sets new standards for waste processing efficiency. Our technology has proven successful in our own operations, and it will soon be available to other pineapple plantations seeking effective waste management solutions.


By harnessing our decorticator technology, pineapple plantations can transform their waste into valuable resources, reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainability. The versatility of our machinery enables the extraction of high-quality fibers that can be used in various textile applications.


Continuing our commitment to innovation, we are also developing a mobile harvester to increase the efficiency recovering plant waste from the field. Through automation, we aim to streamline operations and reduce labor-intensive tasks, empowering pineapple plantations with advanced tools for waste management.


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